Eating Disorders

Eating is one of our most basic human needs. Yet for many people, food has become a source of struggle rather than nourishment. If you find yourself obsessing about food, turning to or away from food for emotional relief, and challenged by insecurities about your body, you are not alone and there is help. As a therapist who has recovered from an eating disorder myself, I have a deep understanding of the recovery journey, and welcome the opportunity to guide you in yours. In therapy, we will explore the emotional component to eating, identify and challenge limiting beliefs surrounding food and your appearance, and develop greater understanding of the function of your eating disorder behaviors.  Together, we will explore skills to effectively cope with your emotions and work through your underlying issues so that you can thrive and be fully present in your life. When you are struggling to recover, it can feel discouraging at times, or, that staying in your eating disorder would be easier. But, It will not be.  Recovery can be hard and the journey can feel discouraging, but you CAN do it and it will be worth it. I would be honored to help you find balance with food and develop a relationship with yourself that is rooted in self-compassion, rather than body-hatred and shame. It is time to live the fulfilling life you have imagined for yourself. You’ve got this! And I am here to help you along the way.